Meet The JMF Team

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philPhil Godfrey - Grants Director

I am responsible for ensuring that JMF operates smoothly and efficiently and for supporting the staff team. A big part of my role is visiting organisations that have applied to us for funding and whose applications have been shortlisted by our trustees. This allows me to find out more about the organisation and what they want to do. I can then report back to our trustees what I have learned, so that they can decide whether to make a grant.


Donna_pic.jpgDonna McAnneny - Trust Officer for Northern Ireland

My role is to administer the JMF office in NI. I provide information about JMF to groups and deal with the applications we receive. I present the applications to a local panel of advisors for shortlisting. I visit the groups whose applications have been shortlisted to  discuss their projects and collate further information about their application. Using this information, the applications are further discussed by the NI advisors and recommendations for funding are presented to the JMF Trustees in Liverpool for approval. I work  with the successful groups on the administration and monitoring of their                                          grants and I provide feedback to unsuccessful groups.                                   



jenniferJennifer Zacharias – Monitoring and Evaluation Worker

My role involves going out to visit organisations that have received a grant from JMF to see how things are going and discuss our monitoring requirements. I also like to share information and advice, including useful websites and templates from around the sector, which hopefully helps organisations to monitor and evaluate what they do better and be more confident in talking about their activities and the impact that the activities have, because they have collected evidence to prove this. You can find out more about monitoring & evaluation by reading the article in the download area of this site.


eddieEddie Bowman - Community Groups Support Worker

My role involves working with groups funded by JMF to create local networks of expertise and support that is essential to community work. I support them to work more effectively with other organisations and help their communities (geographical/interest) to become more engaged with the forces that affect them. I help groups promote their services and programmes, advocate for better services and provide peer support. Mutual solidarity (strength in numbers) help groups keep track of the Big Picture, share information and provide cross area training and removes the sense of                                             isolation that workers, both paid and unpaid, can feel.



Lenka Vidamour – Administrator

In my role as the Administrator I look after the charity’s day to day finances and process application forms from organisations applying for a grant from JMF. My other duties include various charity administration tasks such as processing grant payments, preparing agendas for Trustees and responding to queries from potential applicants.