How to Apply for Funding

How to apply for funding

Application forms are only available from our offices.

Please make sure your project falls within the criteria. If you are unsure, or if you would like to discuss your application before submitting it, please telephone and we will be happy to advise you.

To confirm your eligibility and to obtain an application pack, you must first contact us by phone, email or letter. Application should be made by letter of no more than four A4 sides accompanied by a completed Organisational Details form. Please refer to the Required Information provided with the form. If your project is in Merseyside, Click Here  to request the form from our Merseyside office. If your project is in Northern Ireland, Click Here to request the form from our Northern Ireland office. Alternatively call us on 0151 707 6077 or 028 2888 6161 (Northern Ireland).

Applications may be handwritten, but please use black ink as these are photocopied. 

If our trustees shortlist your application, we will ask you to provide additional documentation as specified on the Organisational Details form. Many groups who apply for funding are visited by us, but we may simply phone for more information. Decisions about which projects to fund are made by the Trustees who meet 5-6 times a year. As a general rule, you should allow 3 to 5 months for a decision to be  made.

All applications are acknowledged.

Unfortunately we cannot help every group that applies for a grant, even though the project may fall within the criteria